There are few things more upsetting than being made to feel useless or unloved by your partner.


You can be sure that if you are feeling either, the relationship is not as it should be.


Stop the negativity affecting you TODAY

Stay strong, Get help and move on!

Easier said than done I do know, but thats why I have set up this site, to help you recognise the behaviour, understand it is NOT your fault and give you practical advice how to move forward from here.



My name is Karen and for four years I suffered at the hands of a Narcissistic abuser, (I will go into the definitions of various categories of personality traits likely to be abusive, and give examples of behaviours on the next page.)


I have since upped the ante and left, when all the negativity had left my life there was a dramatic "U" turn, allowing me to meet my husband and progress educationally as I am now studying a BSc Abnormal and Clinical Psychology


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